jueves, 19 de julio de 2012

Pull the Plug

Note to Penn State students having a 'vigil' to protect the statue of Joe Paterno - You are idiots. Morons. How the hell did you get into Penn State? Joe Paterno enabled a child molester, long after Sandusky had retired. Shame on all of you. I am no longer just in favor of killing the football program. Disband the university. State funds go towards this school? Forget it. Let this year's frosh graduate in 2016 and then shut the book on this disgraceful institution's history. And while you're at it, let's just disband Pennsylvania altogether. Let's look at the pieces in this puzzle; Rick Santorum, Kevin Bacon, Matthew Fox, Richard Gere, Bob Saget, Wil Smith, the rabidly obnoxious Phillies, Eagles and flyers fans - do you get the picture? Just pull the plug. Wyoming and Montana have plenty of room. Let them live there. Besides, Jersey needs room to expand.

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