lunes, 16 de julio de 2012


i am exhausted today after editing all day yesterday. 30 days until i come back home!

Class at 18:30 and then i'm done. 

Lots of laundry and cleaning today.

On The topic of Penn State, this dude agrees with me:

Stephen A. Smith agrees with me that Penn State should also get the death penalty and be shut down for the next five years. Let the athletes go play somewhere else and get another year of eligibility.  Then gut the program. Completely clean house.  Let that be Paterno and penn state's legacy.

Even after he retired, Sandusky retained and office and full access to the facilities, also known as access to victims. Is that the price of a national championship in 1982 and 1986? 

Unforgivable. Disband the program - forever.

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