martes, 17 de julio de 2012

Unforgivable II

I counted wrong; i will be home in 22 days. Sometimes i get lost in time. Unstuck. Think Billy Pilgrim in Slaughterhouse 5. 

Democracy doesn't work
-Neil Balfour It seems i really need to get back to the Northeast. It's as if sanity itself has come undone. The following clip is of Andrea Fabra, a member of the PP (right) shouting, "Fuck them all!" after President Rajoy announcing devastating cuts for the 5 million unemployed in Spain. 

Andrea Fabra flips off protesters.

She is the representative from Castellon. Her father, Carlos Fabra is constantly under investigation for fraud and spent €300,000 for a 24 meter high statue of himself in front of the Castellon Airport which has never had a plane take off or land there. And they wonder why there's a financial crisis? Alberta Fabra, the of the Valencia said in May that it will open; "when there are guarantees that it will used - it will not open without planes". (

That's a brilliant statement.

Carlos Fabra also “regularly appears to win Spain’s El Gordo Christmas lottery”, something which has attracted the attention of corruption investigators but has yet to go to trial. (Gosipian)

In summary: the Fabra's are a bunch of corrupt assholes. 

And Spainards, all of them, are fucked (welcome to the monkeyhouse, Andrea.)

Spain has two ghost airports; one in Ciudad Real and the other in Castellon.

It also has giant ghost towns like Valdeluz and Sesena that were built but no one ever bought the houses. 

Note to Self: Having 1/3 of your jobs in the construction sector is a bad idea.

 A statue of provincial president Carlos Fabra, by sculptor Juan Ripolles, is seen at the Costa Azahar airport, one year after its official inauguration, near Castellon April 24, 2012. The airport, whose cost escalated up to around 150 million euros, remains inactive due to construction failures, lack of permits and insufficient commercial interest from international airlines, according local media. REUTERS/Heino Kalis (SPAIN - Tags: TRANSPORT ...)

Kind of reminds me of this statue that Stallone generously gave to the city of Philadelphia. At least he's modest. 

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