sábado, 21 de julio de 2012

Thou Shalt Not Freak Out

  1. The Exile is over, five years have passed, and i am not saved.   

So hot. 

I have lists within lists of things to do before i go.

Everything is the same but everything is different. I leave one group of friends in Spain and go back the USA. This time around i'll be writing a blog for them. How strange life can be. 

2. The law of exponential chaos states that during a time very busy time things may exacerbate to the point of bedlam. 

The key at such moments is don't lose your shit. Try and keep some clarity. Latch on to the things that are stable and consistently are people/ideas that you keep close.

3.  Fear is the mind killer - Dune
Things rarely work out to be as horrible as you think they'll be. Just get on with it.

4. Things might go sideways and seem bat shit, but the weird doesn't kill you. You can laugh about it someday, because you'll live. 

5. Everything like this has an expiration date. This too shall pass. It'll be over. And then you're on to the next big, new thing

And then that's it. You are through the wormhole.

The only bad news is that then the whole process starts over. But it's a new start. And how many of those do you get in your life?

I seem to get a lot of them. My life has just been a series of re-starts. Am i fortunate? Cursed?

No. I'm just me.

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