domingo, 22 de julio de 2012

Good-bye to Me

Thousands of lemurs off themselves each year

Great night last night. It was my Good-bye to Me party at Barbaroi. It was awesome. So many cool folks showed up to say goob-bye. They said some very nice things about me (of which i could only believe 12.3%.) 

Lots of prog rock - it was just great. 

Then i taught class. Then i had dinner over Monica (student) and Sergio's. That was really nice too. 

I am a lucky man. Mañana; the big good-bye the Welsh Witch. My editor. My dear friend. Yikes. That's probably going to be a way emotional thing. 

And a final Madrid edition of, Jaybo - Cat sitter. I will watch Dave's cat for the week. 

16 days to go. 

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