lunes, 2 de julio de 2012

Angles and Demons

Viernes 11:43

I awoke to do laundry and saw that when Carlos moved out he took all the laundry detergent so i had to hop down to the store. Idiots. There are only 3 of us here now. They will not find someone in July. And when i move out in August they will also be hosed. Maybe they will be out on the street. But maybe anyone who's stupid enough to pick a rotted ceiling panel out of the garbage and hang it on the wall because you think black mold  is modern art, maybe they'd be happy on the street. I've never seen Eduardo come home without something he found on the street. His bedroom has such an assortment of odd junk it looks like Fred Sanford's house.

Two facturas to do for June. And then, i need to do some re-writes for Buying New Soul. Time to face my demons. Again. I know them all so well already. Time to try a new angle. It's a good novel but not quite great. Time to make it great. Vicky seems to think there's just a few tweaks that would help. And i trust her.

Here I go....


The Real Winners - Krugman   This guy is great. 

In other news; The Mitt Witt is an A**hole and we deserve all the horror he will rain down on us if he is elected. We cannot elect this idiot. 


Delving into the heart of the story. It's complicated. And why don't i ever write light stories? Happy fluffy ones? 

I guess at the end of the day, i am happy, but i'm not light or fluffy. 



i surrender. I can neither push the future of mankind positively or negatively, so i am tapping out. You'll be better without my interference. See you in the USA.

It's just been me for so long. It's been nice, only looking after me. But then wider things open their arms to you. And you embrace them, because you're not an idiot.

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