domingo, 29 de julio de 2012

Let the games begin...

Creepy Bobby Wenlock                                                            


If I were a rich man,
Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum.
All day long I'd biddy biddy bum.
If I were a wealthy man.
I wouldn't have to work hard.
Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.
If I were a biddy biddy rich,
Idle-diddle-daidle-daidle man.
-Fiddler on the Roof

I have a list of things to do the size of my schlong. Well, maybe not that big, but fucking long.

Clean. Pack. Sell drums. Get recommendations. Send CVs. 

And i was looking at self publishing sites today. Maybe i'll just ePub it. It may be the way to go given the somewhat hard-hitting yet surreal nature for the novel. Time will tell. I could market it through Facebook, Amazon etc, The Fairfield Alumni Assoc., George Washington U Alumni assoc., viral porn sites. Stuff like that. 

If you should go skating

On the thin ice of modern life

Dragging behind you the silent reproach

Of a million tear-stained eyes

Don't be surprised when a crack in the ice

Appears under your feet.
You slip out of your depth and out of your mind
With your fear flowing out behind you
As you claw the thin ice.
-Pink Floyd

I'm such a drama queen!

But seriously, my life is in total flux. Hence lsitening to a lot of Pink Floyd.

A Life Within a Day - Squackett
Message in a Box (disc 1) - The Police
...Laid to Rest - Frequency Drift
The Final Cut - Pink Floyd
The Wall - Pink Floyd The Romulan proves once again that he is a horse's ass!


I am at J&Js. It was too hot at home. I am editing. Always editing. 


It's done. I inserted all the Spanish characters and accents. I fact checked to make sure things are consistent. Houston, we have a novel. I am it declaring done. LET THE MARKETING BEGIN!!! There's a site called that i might publish it through. This is going to be an adventure. "O brave new world..." I've dreamed about this my whole life. I've devoted countless hours. I've been writing for over 30 years. I finished my first novel in the 90's. It's time to get this done and publish this book, one way or another.

Going to Amanda's and Alessandra's for lunch. Lots of get-togethers this week before i roll out of here.

Acid Flashback: 2,000 Days in Madrid

  • Annie is born April 11, 2007. She is not my daughter but my life changes for the better.
  • Teaching in the MBA Program at the Universidad de Europea
  • Playing in From Lost to the River with Tam and Pete
  • Finished Buying New Soul, my fourth novel
  • Seeing Porcupine Tree twice at La Riviera
  • Atletico Madrid wins 2 Europa League titles and a UEFA Supercup
  • Meeting Vicky (and hiring her as my editor).
  • Bender Tuesday
  • All my friends and students
Okay! Take in laundry, shower, go to lunch. Catch you all later.

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