domingo, 8 de julio de 2012

The Greatest American Barbecue


Listening to
Fly By Night
Caress of Steel
A Farewell to Kings

Tonight is the Greatest American Barbecue! I have hot dogs (peritos), hamburgers and sausages. I will cook the onions this afternoon. 

By the numbers;
>  Over 16,000 page views for the website
>  31 days til i return to CT
>  43% of Buying New Soul edited
> more rewriting to be done today
> my friend Derrick turned 24 on Fri
>Heather turns ??? manana!

Off to do rewrites. I feel like i have been writing this novel my whole life. And thanks to Jimbo for reading the early version, giving some very helpful advice and saying such cool things about it. 

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