lunes, 16 de julio de 2012

Disband Penn State Football

Penn State. 

Damning evidence against Penn State comes out in the Freeh report. Janitors saw children raped and were afraid to report it because they would lose their jobs. A Korean War Veteran said it was the most horrible thing he had ever witnessed. At the highest level, it was covered up. Disgusting. Criminal. Unforgivable, to allow children to be raped. And Paterno (ironically referred to as 'Joe Pa') covered things up for Sandusky as well. The NCAA does have a 'death penalty' where a program can be disbanded, but only if you get a violation while also on probation. I think they should invoke it anyway. Penn State has to pay for its failure to protect young boys. And what was done to those boys can never be undone. 

If being disbanded is not possible, then Penn State should be banned from television and Bowl games for 5 years. If they aren't then i seriously will never watch another NCAA sport again. 

UConn is also up to their waist in disgrace.

 If you're a university and education is not your first priority then you are farcical. College sports have become a joke. Children need to be protected. Such behavior cannot be condoned or tolerated, so fuck you, Penn State. Fuck you, Sandusky. Fuck you, Joe Paterno. You are all criminals of the most vile sort. I hope your football program ceases to exist sometime in the not too distant future.

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