miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2011


1:07 Jueves

Don't give me your steak-reared milkboys, milkboys

Half alive on empty white noise, white noise

I got power, I'm proud to be loud;
my signal goes out clear

I want everybody to know that Mozo is here
On the air

On the air
On the air
-Peter Gabriel

Okay. Mac is fixed. The morons at Corte de Ingles sold me the wrong power adapter when i bought it in Nov. It was only 60w. I need 85w. Wankers. The battery, which i thought was the problem, is fine.

But i woke up sick on Monday. I think i am slowly turning the corner towards health.

Happy Birthday Colin Tietjen, who is 11 today. Happy Birthday Megan McFadden, who turned - how old- 6 maybe? - on Monday

I have many tales to tell, but i'm too tired right now. But all is well. Lots of work, Carolyn, henceforth to be referred to as Bayside Woman (from Long Island), is fine. I come to Spain and i am with a gal from Long Island? My life is like a perpetual inside joke. But things are great with us.

I have so many friends, including the Seester, who were born at the end of Feb or first week of March. WTF? Does everyone's parents go on vacation in May?

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