domingo, 20 de marzo de 2011

In the Long Shadow of My Exile

I survived against the will of my twisted folk
But in the deafness of my world the silence broke -Porcupine Tree

Well, i pretty much finished writing the Midterm for the MBA program. That was a bitch. 5 parts; writing, grammar + phrasal verbs, listening, speaking, reading comp. 3.5 hours it will take. Fuck me, that's a long ass test.

Well, as you can see, the blog now has a page counter. A lot of people must still read, so thank you. This part of the blog only goes back to Sept. 2009. Duke is beating on Michigan even though Mich, is on an 8-0 run. I can watch it on Sweet.

Back to work tomorrow. Ugh. Not a long enough weekend. And Atletico lost to Real Madrid for the 9th straight time in La Liga since i arrived. Real also eliminated them from the Copa Del Rey in January.

Life is just kind of like having my leg in a bear trap right now. Well, not that bad. But it's been rough going the past two weeks.

It's been a week and i haven't heard anything from Bayside Woman. Not that i really expect to. Maybe never again. Either way, i made a good decision.

It was 69F today. That's 20.5C. That's 293.71 Kelvin, in case you're doing a science experiment back home in North America.

Mich. has climbed back. I hate Duke but i have them in Kevin's pool. I haven't watched an NCAA game all season.

Time to chill a bit.

"Follow me down to the valley below
You know
Moonlight is bleeding from out of your soul
Come to us, Lazarus
It's time for you to go"

-Porcupine Tree

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