domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011


21:19 Domingo

Whew! Just watched 25th Hour. Screen play by David Benioff. He wrote the book, as well as City of Thieves (About the siege of a Leningrad in WWII) and all of the X-Men screenplays. Spike Lee directed. Ed Norton, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Barry Pepper. I fucking hate Barry Pepper! I don't know why, i just do. Susan always found it hilarious. "But why?" she'd say. "I don't know. I just fucking hate him!"

Great movie, about a heroin dealer who is about to go away for 7 years and how he spends his last night. Fantastic!

I stayed in all day and was abominably lazy. Good for me. Listening to the therapeutic sounds of Porcupine Tree. Lying in bed like a fat ass. Washing myself with a sponge on stick.

Ha! I crack myself up. That must be the first sign of insanity. Or the seventh. I forget how far along i am.

Something to say
Something to do

Something to believe in

Something to prove

-Porcupine Tree

Why are people (a particular woman, in this case) so strange? How come i always feel like an astronomer staring through a telescope, trying to qualify and quantify something not from our world? Is everyone as awkward as i feel? If so, i am sorry for you poor bastards.

But all is well. An easy day. No pants. Beer. Sandwiches. Porn. Other non-erotica films. All quite nice before we (i mean i) gear up again for another 6 days of work.

And peace. At peace with that whole other mess. Peace. Pieces.... Reese's Pieces......

Sleeping. Peace.

_ _ _ _ _
That dead seal down at the pier isn't going to poke itself!
-Louise, Bob's Burger's

Cleaned. Ate. I am a sloth. I used to watch them walk across the noise wall along the Dulles Toll Road when we lived in Virginia. Did i really live in Virginia?

urge to kill.....fading... -Homer Simpson

Baseball is getting close. Anyone interested in Fantasy Baseball, just email my people as we will have a league.

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