jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011

Here is No Why

(Prepared to Run Like Hell)

Mum sent me a copy of Fatal Attraction through email with the message RUN BABY RUN. Always nice to have her weigh in.

Well, we'll meet tomorrow, come what may. It'll be for the best whatever happens.

And in your sad machines
you'll forever stay
-Smashing Pumpkins

2:04 now. Long day manana. Maybe longer than i ever imagined.

Run Rabbit Run
-John Updike/Pink Floyd

Note to Self:
Maybe i really am ready to settle down in Maine.

"Lobster tail. Lobster claw. Lobster bisque. Chicken-fried lobster. Lobster ravioli. Stuffed lobster (with lobster). Lobster waffles. Lobster rolls. Green eggs and lobster...."
-Forest Lump(ed Lobster)

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