lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

Turn that jungle music down....


I heard from the Bayside today. She IM'd me on Facebook about my stupid flatmate. Unexpected to hear from her. She said she missed talking to me. I wanted tell her that i miss Bill Clinton but that it's not going to bring him back as President. She's a strange woman really.

Had a class at 11:00. They just extended the Metro line 2 out there. It opened last Miercoles. I took it back. Quite handy.

Shower. Eat microwave pizza (only choice) and then like another 4.5 hours of class.

....That it's just a spasm
Like a Sunday in T.J.
That it's cheap but it's not free
That I'm not what I used to be
And that love's not a game for three

Babylon sisters shake it (you gotta shake it baby, you gotta shake it)

Babylon sisters shake it
So fine so young
Tell me I'm the only one
-Steely Dan


Ugh. SO tired. Tomorrow is Bender Tuesday. I only have 3 classes and it's one night i don't have to work late during the week. I get done at 20:30. Then go to J and J's and hang with the regulars at the local. It's the simple things.

But i don't feel like sleeping yet. That's what happens when you only get home at 23:00.

I'd write something funny but i believe i am Brain-Monday-Dead. Hasta manana.

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