jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011

Amalgam of a Scream

I watched Requiem for a Dream last night. It's an Aronofsky film about addiction, as all his stuff is. Disturbing. That one's going to stay with me for a spell.

7 hours of class manana. It never ends. It was 72F today. 74F manana. Loco.

Baseball has begun. Praise Jah. The 2011 Hardball Fantasy Basball League is under way.

i am a shadow of my former shadow. Not sleeping well. Too much stress, having to move AGAIN and all. Maybe some nice post-apocalyptic fiction will help me sleep.

All something and no something makes me something something. I forget the rest.

Tomorrow at 22:30 the weekend begins.

Come up screaming
-Big Country

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