viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011

The Statute of Liability

Thanks for all the fan mail. From Mum;

Keep running! Soon you can meet a crazy American woman here!

That's depressing for so many reasons i can't even begin.

American Laura;

So you just ended it? Wow, that was a very mature decision.

So, off to teach tonight. Had some good laughs with the usual suspects last night. Got home at 3:00. Ugh!

Shower - eat- go to class. It never ends!!!!! Today's class; risk management, activities and vocab in the Market Leader Text- NY TIMES: Limits of human foresight in Japan. The following article about how Japan has overcome cataclysm before;
Debate: Nuclear Power- in light of the Japan Crisis, should it be pursued?
Dude, i am such a geek. I am actually excited to teach all this.

Give me your hungry for knowledge, your tired, your poor, your scuzzy masses..., I'll warp them.
-Inscription, Statute of Liability, Newark, NJ

Oh, and AENA and the government, who is privatizing 49% of the company, came to an agreement to avert the airport strike set for April 20. Just 1 day after posting about it, a deal gets done. Behold the power of The Spanish Exile Blog! Now that i have averted a national crisis, i smell and must shower.



i go sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeping.

I met a lovely women last night. A scientist from Sweden. We geeked out together. But she mentioned her girlfriend, so i think she's gay.

Typical for me. So typical.

It's an Eminence Front
It's a put on
-The Who

Either way she swings, it was a nice night. Putting Bayside in my rear view mirror. I stink therefore i Spam.

No work til 16:00 tomorrow. 69F manana. No way i'm wearing pants tomorrow.No freakin' way man!

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