domingo, 6 de marzo de 2011


The Green Grocer Girls


I am better, but not 100 percent. Lady 516 (Carolyn) has been sick as a dog this weekend, so it's been a week since we've seen each other. I've been sick for a week, which is a long time.

Lessons for this week are prepared. I started making the MBA Midterm which will be on March 25th. They did presentations this week and they were awesome.

I am enjoying the 41 hour period between Sat at 18:00 and Monday at 11:00 that i don't have to freaking work. Ashley had a Carnivale Party. It was fun. Maria and Paloma came too. It's 57F but i have been in bed all day. Unwinding. I was going to play drums but not sure i have the strength nor desire to be so motivated. Laziness rocks. And i don't feel horrible like last week.

i should eat something.

And finally into our world,
Do you know what,
You let yourself in for

And finally into out world,
And lord knows what,
You let yourself in for

What have we sown, what have we sown,
Just shut your eyes until you've flown,
Wherever you are, wherever you are,
I'll be with you
-The Pineapple Thief


i showered. I often go without a scrubbing on Monday cuz it's a decent walk and cold wait at the bus stop at 1o:30 in the morn.

Okay- i'm gonna meet Bayside Woman for a recuperative beer at 20:00.

i should still really eat something.

Grill cheese? Booo Yeah!

If i haven't said it lately, i love and miss you all. :):)

Porcupine Tree at Radio City on Sept 24th! Who's in?

Sometimes it's the simple things.

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