miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011


School out invective, losing my voice

Film shredding on in multiple choice
America calls, I must go
Oprah saviour, I feel that low

No sense of time
Sever tomorrow

Exitless mind - ESP Sever tomorrow
-Porcupine Tree

i am really good at keeping my promises. For the most part my word is iron. But i'm not always so good at keeping promises to myself.

April 2009, Note to Self; (after breakup with La Profesora) - "Seriously dude, you have to fucking run at the next sight of a woman you are with going crazy."

8/3/11 - Black Tuesday; Bayside Woman goes crazy.

12/3/11- She tells me she likes being with me but i may have to deal with some 'crazy.' I try to walk away without making eye contact.

13/3/11- Texts me. "I'm antsy. Bored" I text back - "So go out." i'm not willing to get sucked in.

14/3/11- Text to phone. Hope you're having a good day!
15/3/11- I text her saying that i just can't do crazy just now. I need space. Contact me in a week or two, or whenever you have had a chance to work through your own stuff. You know where i stand. She texts back. Ok, unexpected, but fair enough.

End Transmission

Unexpected? She really is nuts (fade to black, door slams and we hear running footsteps echoes down the alley).

Last Tuesday brought back some bad memories of arguments with Sue where i just had no idea what was happening. None. Baffled. But i was willing to give her a lot more slack as i had been with her 15 years. Not 6 weeks!

SO, i did what i promised myself i would do. I walked away. I have severed ties. At least for now. Good for me.

Good me! That's a good me!

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