martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

Lunes, part 2,231.7

So let me fill my children's hearts

With heroes tales and hope it starts

A fire in them so deeds are done
With no vain sighs for moments gone
-Big Country

Well, bad news from your side of the planet. Sue's cousin, Stephen, died on Friday, very possibly an OD. He had trouble with drugs his whole life ever since he had a very bad leg brake when he was 17. He was a tortured soul if i ever met one. Horribly sad. He was like late 40's, early 50's i suppose. Sue is fine. Her and Annie did not go cuz there was no wake, just a burial. Horribly sad. Her Uncle Stevie has lost his wife and two sons in the past year or two.

I found out yesterday thanks to the Seester. I hate Lunes. But life goes on. We all go on. And on and on and on. The constant ebb and flow. So to lighter things....

I'll see Bayside women, as i usually do on Tues. Only 2 classes today - lotsa cancellations, but i'll still have 25 hours this week.

And in case you're playing at home, yes- i roughly figured how many days i've been on this planet and divided by 7, to get a rough idea of how many Mondays i have seen pass me by.

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