jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011


Pigoons, Oryx and Crake

UCONN wins! I thought they were gonna choke. I saw the last 7 minutes. Things went fine with Lady 516. It was good to see her. Things were normal and we are still friends. So that good.

Another 6.5 hours of class today. I am exhausticated. But i still can't sleep. Not sleeping well all week. I think i am just exhausted on all fronts. Arizona has started to spank Coach K's team. ARIZ by 11. I picked Duke. This tourney is always insane. That's why it is the spectacle it is.

I hate American commercials. Same ones over and over. US TV is so obnoxious.

Spanish La Liga games will be canceled April 2, 3 because the League wants NO games on free TV, normally just 1 on La Sexta (6) at 22:00 on Sabado. Dbags. There's 20.4% unemployment here! It's like the Grapes of Wrath. Everyone involved in football is a millionaire! You are trying to squeeze even more cash out of the little people! Spain is going backwards. Still. Moreso.

I am lucky to have a lot of work.

I am reading Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. Futuristic science fiction. The Handmaid's Tale was freaking great. It's futuristic dystopian. It was chilling. She is nuts, which is why i guess i enjoy her stuff. Dark. She could go round for round with George Orwell.

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