domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

From Out of Darkness

Here i stand with my own kin at the end of everything -Big Country


Red light.

Green light.

Time to watch Kansas/VCU and then UNC/Kentucky. Could the only two states that start with the letter K (the freak letter) get into the Final Four? All things are possible.

I wallow in the Dark Times. Like those parts of the Bible filled with blood, snot, vomit, locusts, disco music, legwarmers and usurious interest rates. A friend of Lola's has a flat near here and he was fine with me staying for 3 months. But Lola is moving in too, who has a dog, which is too risky, especially in Spring. I have been trying to meet with Maria for two weeks now, but she is overcome by crisis after crisis. Her sister is sick with bad anxiety attacks, Maria has already failed her driving test twice and she is back with her drama filled loser boyfriend. I'm gonna look around in Madrid, but if i leave early they may steal my deposit again. It's like the Wild West here. If only i was allowed to carry a firearm there'd be no problem. The bad news about Maria's is Getafe is so far.


But from out of the darkness can come good things. However, i've also been called annoyingly optimistic.

None of us perfect. Even in the Bible, Jesus disses his Father before he dies (Why hast thou forsaken me?) And you know what? He had a very good point.

SO here i stand at the final four months of my Exile. The last mile. Who knows what it will hold, but good things i trust.

Better than the survivors in the post-apocalyptic novel Oryx and Crake. But its Fantastic. Margaret Atwood is great at futuristic dystopian fiction. i've been devouring it since miercoles and can't recommend it highly enough. My friend Carla told me about it on Bender Tuesday.

Over the past two days i have listened to every Van Halen album except FAIR WARNING and VAN HALEN I, which i listen to on a semi-regular basis. This must be a sign of the pressure getting to me. But, i really did enjoy them.

Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?
Remember how she said that we would meet again some sunny day?

-Pink Floyd

Okay- Mas Limpizando (more cleaning)! Then mark the writing section of the Midterm and they will all be graded. The final grade distribution should fall into a nice bell curve, as the Mum taught me a good test should when i was like 15.

Be careful what you say to your children! THEY ARE LISTENING!

So, please don't say things like monkey molester, bearded clam, ass rammer, bleeding like a cut pig or homo hot tub. Please.... think of the children!

I believe the children are our future
-Whitney Houston

Virginia Commonwealth U is kicking the sweet baby Jar Jar Binks out of Kansas. Be wary, lest the South rise again!

Like that man told you in the movies last night, beware of the midgets. They're taking over the world. - Mr. Hennessey, Foul Play


Well, mis alumnos did well on the Midterm. Grades were 77, 83, 83, 86, 87, 90, 93 which makes a fairly decent bell shape when you graph it. The mean was 86. So, they all did well on a challenging test. I am pleased with their scores and also happy that this is over. It took a hell of a lot of time. But all in all it was a great experience.

So this is my light in the distance this week. The green light i can see across the Sound from Daisy's Dock.

See. Told you everything would be okay.

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