viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011

The Past

When we get old, i guess we loook to the past. It has been a very rough week. But i am listening to the first live Wayward Platypus Album, when i really kind of sucked as a drummer, and loving it. Man, it's SO progressive. We eventually became our own thing, our own style. But Science blowing sax on HATRED is crazy. We are so Crimsonesque. And IF I SAW YOU IN DENVER is a fan fave. The tens of you. I am sick but recovering. Woman 516 (Bayside woman) is sick too. First Fri since our first tryst we haven't met. She said she misses me. I miss her too. What a nice thing!

I have not listened to this in a long time. The Platypus was fledgling. Nothing like BRUNCH WITH THE RIVER MAN which is us at our best and as a 3 piece, but that was a decade long evolution. Jim and Mark and I had to grow into that. I was just starting to become the drummer i am today. Years of playing help you improve.

It's been a hard week. But i live to fight another day.

You want a piece of me?!!!!

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