sábado, 1 de octubre de 2011

Post Cards from Home

in the green room, 2011

Cleaning! Laundry! Lesson plans! Edit the fucking novel!I am a barrel of laughs! The party never ends!

The Rays romp and the rain ruins a classic game one duel between Verlander/Sabathia. Why did they even try to play the game? Does MLB not have Doppler Radar? I read someone blamed the forecast. You can see storm patterns on about 100 different websites! It's Budd Selig's fault, obviously. But he's not the majority owner anymore, which is why the team is finally spending and winning. In the battle of the beer cities i have to go with Milwaukee over St. Louis. I like Miller High Life way better than Budweiser. In the end, i am a simple man.

Ha! I can't believe i just typed that with a straight face!

In the Green Room
with green curtains
Near Atocha Station
-Cream / my life

SO that's my room.

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