lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2011


I bought a new planner for 2012 today. I can't live without that thing as my classes and times change every week. The only odd thing is that it only goes up to Dec 21, 2012. Stupid Mayans, they ruin everything.

I'm exhausted. Mondays are quite the switch from the weekend.

The Internet is slow as hell tonight and i can't even watch last night's Simpsons.

Mondays. Sometimes these things happen.

But i will sleep soon. I have to teach Sonia at 11:00 manana. Then Monica, Javi (my 14 year old) and last Miguel Angel. It becomes difficult to keep track of, hence the planner. It's my external hard drive.

Okay. Nighty night.

Oh, and i saw the Giants won. Awesome.

Hang laundry. Sleep.

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