lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

Everything you ever wanted to know about North Korea but forgot to ask

Link:Kim Jong il sings 'So Ronrey"

Adios Kim Jong il. No one will miss you. Let's hope his dumb ass son doesn't do anything stupid.

It's Xmas time and now the whole world is on edge while we wait to see what happens in North Korea.

From 1910 - 1945, Korea was occupied by the Japanese. In 1945, It was split in two across the 38th Parrallel, with the Allies getting the South and the Soviets getting the North. The Koreans were never consulted about this (but that never comes back to bite you in the ass.) When the North invades the South in 1950, the Korean War begins. The armistace was signed in 1953. and 60 years later it's still a big fucking mess. Way to go everyone!

And the leaders go like this;

Kim-Il-sung; founder of North Korea and leader from 1945 - 1994
Kim-Jong-il; his son, leader from 1994 - Dec 19, 2011
Kim Jong-un; Kim-Jong-il's youngest son. believed to be North Korea's next leader

i am so happy the family picked Central Europe over North Korea for the holidays.

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