domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2011



Say you will, say you will, give me one more chance
At least give me time to change your mind
That always seems to heal the wounds,
if I can get you to dance 
-Fleetwood Mac

                                                          Conejo a la Plancha

Great time with the lads yesterday. We met at O'Neill's for a beer and then some little quiet bar for cheaper beer, and then to a very busy Spanish Restaurant for a great meal. I had the Revuelta de Setas (eggs with a local mushroom that is awesome) and then conejo (rabbit). It was awesome.

Then another bar. Then another. Then J&J's. I left at 22:00, jumped in a cab, went home and went to bed. I feel fine today. That's a great thing.

I still might go back to bed.

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