domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011



Room is pretty clean. I am clean (showered.) I winterized my long black winter coat, meaning that i sewed on two missing buttons from last winter. I tried to sew the pocket but i fucked that up royally, so i'll just let it be. Now take in laundry, hang laundry and then go to Triskell for a proper English fry up breakfast, full of heart stopping goodness. I'll watch the Spurs play Sunderland in the Englsih Premeirship. Then home. Print some work stuff out for manana and watch the Seahawks / Bears. The Seahawks are mathematically alive for the playoffs but it's not going to happen. This game is huge because it wil give Seattle the tie breaker over Chicago if they both finish 9-7 (the best the 'Hawks can finish.) Then home vs. San Fran, who won't have much to play for, and that at Arizona. And they need some choking from Dallas, NYG, and Detroit. That's a lot of Seattle wins and a veritible Hiemlich convention that need to take place. Do i think it will happen? Of course not.


Spurs win! Seattle wins! The Giants lose to Washington and The Packers lose to KC! WTF? Good-bye perfect season!

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