viernes, 16 de diciembre de 2011


VIERNES   18:56

Music to flip the calendar (off) by;

Signals - Rush
Low Spark - Traffic
Absalom - Stick Men
Out of Exile - Audioslave

End of the Year reports. Three classes have ended for the year. See you in 2012. Everything ends after next week. Not the world (you crazy Mayans,) just classes.

Then Xmas. Then New Years and the Central European Tour 2012 with la familia.

Next year in Israel!

- - -

I just listened to Asia from a 2011 show where they played Only Time Will Tell. How crazy is Steve Howe? He is one of my favorite guitarists. He sounds amazing through the whole thing, just tearing it up. Ahhhh...Asia, a guilty prog rock pleasure if ever there was one. But they had their moments and have embraced their prior bands a bit more over the past two or three years. Steve Howe tours with Yes   and Asia. He's a madman. I saw him solo once, maybe 2005, at The Birchmere in VA, and he said he felt very comfortable on the road because it's how he's lived most of his life. It's kind of bonkers when you think about it but he's been touring almost constantly for 40 freaking years.


Home. Hung out with Gøran, Carla, Lauren and Tweedy at J&J's. Lots of laughs. I left around 00:00 and then came home and slept. Sleep is good for you.

i always wake up early, but i'll go back to sleep. That is the luxury of Saturday.

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