viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2011

Breathe, part three


Like father like son
Not flesh nor fish nor bone
A red rag hangs from an open mouth.
Alive at both ends but a little dead in the middle,
A-tumbling and a-bumbling he will go.
All the King's horses and all the King's men
Could never put a smile on that face.


Friday. Praise Jah! 27 hours of class. I hung at J&J's when i finished at 20:00 til about 22:30. Then to my sweet warm bed. With my little heater my room is toasty. Yesterday morning at 10:00 was the first time i'd seen my breath because of winter this season. But the days are still like 50F, so it's nice weather. 

Within the valley of shadowless death
They pray for thunderclouds and rain,
But to the multitude who stand in the rain
Heaven is where the sun shines.
The grass will be greener till the stems turn to brown
And thoughts will fly higher till the earth brings them down.
Forever caught in desert lands one has to learn
To disbelieve the sea.


Manana is Goran's Bday, so about 20 of us will go out for curry. That's at 15:00.
Sue sent me this. Twas taken quite recently - last few weeks i suppose. She's giving Frippy a hell of squeeze and he looks quite contented. They loved each other. My Little People. 

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