martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011



The Giants lost. GB Marched the length of the field with 54 seconds left to get a winning FG. What's the upside of the Packers going undefeated and winning the Super Bowl you ask?
  • -   In your face New England Patriots! 
  • -   Brett who?

In some of the best sports related news i have heard in 20 years, the NHL is realigning! They will go back to playing the first two rounds of the playoffs in conference. There will be 4 conferences. And the Caps finally get out of the NHL Redneck division (Carolina, Tampa, Florida, Winnipeg ) and will go back to something resembling the Patrick Division with The Rangers, Devils, Isles, Pitt., Philly and Carolina. Kick ass! All of the teams will now play mostly in their own time zones for conference games. 

Also, if Phoenix has to move, which looks likely at this point, it's easier to make a switch with another team if they move east (Quebec? Hartford? Portland? Seattle? Kansas City? Las Vegas? A second team in Toronto?) If it was Seattle, Portland or Vegas; the team could stay in their current new conference.

Either way, the NHL needs to get back to their roots, before Gary 'the Weasel' Bettman tired to turn the NHL into the Michael Jordan era NBA. They need to sack his weasel ass.


I am the eggman
At Gøran's Bday party on Sat.

Today is Constitution Day, when the new Constitution was ratified in 1978, 3 years after Franco's death. And thus modern Spain was born.

Yesterday was disorientating as hell.

I went to class at 9:00. I had the student if we'd have class, and he said yes. But his company had canceled class and Soto Mayor never told me. They are a bit unorganized, as are most academies. But then the class at 13:00 canceled late so i get paid. Then Elena canceled and switched to Thursday, which is a holiday for the Immaculate Conception. The i went to J&J's, saw Dave, Kelly and Tweedy, closed the place with Mary (who was bartending) and then went out for another few, walked her to her door and took a cab home.

I woke up and had no idea what day it was? Saturday? Sunday? Wasn't it just the weekend?

 What kind of country has two holidays, in the same week with a space in the middle? And so close to three weeks of holidays off for Xmas, New Year's and The Three Kings???? Drop the Immaculate Conception already. No one here celebrates these holidays as holy days. No one under 60.

And they wonder how the Spanish Economy wound up in the gutter.

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