domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011

Winter is Coming


Unbeing dead isn't being alive 
-.e. e. cummings

Stark Family Crest (Song of Ice and Fire)

Okay - I've got seven articles for class this week, ranging from the dark side of Dubai (that country sucks!,) searching for Goldilocks planets (they are just right for life,) the Euro 2012 draw,  the discovery of a possible nicotine gene that makes it hell to quit smoking, Sir Han Sir Han's lawyers asking for parole after 40 years because  of faulty evidence and the claim that Sir Han was subject to brain washing and mind control, the geography of the USA and that the USA and England declaring war on Iran would be madness and another Iraq.

Is it any wonder i am nuts if that's my Sunday reading.

Soon it will be NFL time. No Seahawks. I'll watch the Giants / Packers at 22:00. Not sure bout the first game.


i'll start with PITT/CIN. Dalton is a good QB. In my Fantasy League, since i lost last week, i need a win and two other teams to lose to get into the playoffs. And that's why they play the games!


NYG 7 GB 7

Big gain for 42, Manning to Cruz. Eli has had a good year. 

Dec 4th. Manana would be Nana's Bday. It is Aunt Nunnie's (my great aunt). Is she 91? I think that's it. Damn! You go girl.

Tuesday is Constitution Day, celebrating the beginning of the new republic after Franco kicked the bucket, so we have off. Thursday is the Immaculate Conception. We have that off too. In the US we would just celebrate one on the 7th to put days off together. But that would be logical.

So every Dec we have these two crazy holidays that slice up the week like Swiss cheese. There are just a bunch of holes in the week. But i am still beat from last week so i'll take it. And i will surely have a private class or two on both Tues and Thurs.

I lazed around all day. I read a Dance with Dragons. I prepared classes. Marcondes made some tasty chicken for lunch over rice. He's a damn good cook. Then i had some different German cheeses with crackers. That was nice too. I did some laundry. It's going to be foggy manana in the morning. 8.5 hours manana. i leave at 8:30 and i finish at 21:30.  13 hour day? Yikes. 

Manning threw a BAD pick. GB 14 -NYG 10

Fucking hell. The Giants have Dallas twice, Home vs. Wash and at the Jets on Xmas Eve. That's a vicious schedule they were handed. 

And the 11-0 packers today. 

So i'm having drinks with this gal, Rosa, on Wed. She's nice. Speaks English very well (she's Spanish.) She's a school teacher. You kids i think. I met her at J&J's. She's really nice. I saw her on Friday and she was like "Where have you been?" But i've been busy as hell with work, life, social stuff. I am never bored. So i said we'd get together sometime. So i sent her an email and about Wed. and she replied within minutes that she'd love to. And she gave me her phone number. She's very nice and seems quite sweet and intelligent. She's cute. So, i should get to know her better. We'll see what happens. She's 38, i believe, so that's good age. Anyway, we'll go out for a drink and see how it goes. What the hell?  

Okay. I need to shower. Hang the last laundry. I'll have to wake up manana morning and fly out of bed.  

Rodgers just got picked on the GB 10. Sweet!

TD Giants!

NYG 17 -  GB14

I am watching the game thru Fox Sports in Mexico. I understand it but they really use a whole bunch of different words than we do here. 

Almost halftime. 

TD. Shit. GB 21 - NYG 17.

Manning fumbled. After a big pass play GB is on the NY 28 yd. line. The Giants are unravelling.

He missed the FG. Giants dodge a bullet.


GB 28 - NYG 17

TD cpass to Nicks. GB 28 - NYG 24

DAL 13 - ARZ 13. That could save the Giants' ass if Dallas loses. They have been hot.

Can't shower. Game too good. 

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