sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2011

In the Green Room...

Me as a Simpsons character. The resemblance is uncanny. 


Music to demolish stuff by;
Retrospective (disc 1) - Suzanne Vega

It's the big year end cleaning. We are installing eletric heaters that are very efficient because electricty is expensive as 20 year old French wine here (we buy almost all of it from the France.) Spain produces very little  power on its own.

I fixed the door to my wardrobe. It used to stay shut by a magnet but it would stick to the door. I glued it 3 times have it last less than 24 hours. So, i broke a thick plastic clothes hangar and nailed it to the wardrobe so now it's a latch. Ingenius, if i do say myself.

Bugger! i hate cleaning. Time to clean under the bed where all sorts of shit falls down no matter how much i try to keep the bed against the wall. On the fun side, going out with American Laura and Sarah tonight before they leave for Xmas. It's the Great Guirri Scattering, part 2. Less typing more cleaning!


Waiting for Marcondes to stop preening in the bathroom and then i can shower and go out. All we had to mop with was amonia and it's nasty shit. Just a little in a big bucket of water burned my throat and eyes. I'll just go buy some new stuff manana. Maybe Laura can give me a natural recipe. She did that when i lived with her.

I've lived with everyone i think. I used to live with you, i think.

The new Stick Man EP, Absalom is 31 minutes that will take your breath away. I also listened to Mogwai's Hard Core Will Never Die But You Will (2011) also has some great moments. It's time to start thinking about the top 3 albums of 2011.  They are Scottish and they are very tight instrumentals that always seem just the right length. Never too long.

Primus, Green Naugahyde (2011), is very good as well. There's also a Jane's Addiction album. I never new existed until i was reading through a list to make sure i hadn't missed anything cool. I will listen to that manana.

The new Fripp / King Crimson project, A Scarcity of Miracles was horrible Kenny G Music. I should listen again, but the few times i did i hated it. Not overly impressed with the New Chilli Peppers album either, but i have to re-listen again.

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