sábado, 10 de diciembre de 2011

Little Welsh Witch

Great night with Vicky at Barbaroi, Vicente's Bar. Nice gal. She's tiny! She's like a little Welsh witch (i swear Stevie Nicks has warned me about this with a song or something, but i'm going to blatantly disregard her advice. How could that go wrong?) Kind of young at 28, but she's travelled a lot. She spent three years in Japan. Anyway, we had a bunch of laughs. We'll see what happens.

She's from Swansea, Wales. Her accent is cute. So, i think i've made a pixie friend to hang around with.

But enough living in the past. Time to take in my clothes off the line in case it rains (see; dire lack of clean boxers) and shower and go out with the lads and eat and drink all day. It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it. Because if Rick Perry has taught me anything (and he hasn't) it's that can justify whatever you want to do, no matter how ridiculous or discriminatory it is.

Link- Rick Perry - Strong

Strong and wrong
What is God's will?
Onward Christian soldiers...
Or thou shall not kill...
-Joni Mitchell

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