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Fair warning to the NFL - Not voting Marshawn Lynch to the NFL is egregious (aka.- suck my balls!).At least 1 TD  a game for 11 games in a row. The team's first 1,000 yd rusher in 6 years. And the only man to rush 100 yards and score a TD vs. San Fran.! Shame on you NFL. The NFL voting is no more than a turd on a stick. This omission is criminal.

The fact that the Seahawks will finish no worse than 7-9 is quite a feet. Next up - A new QB. Maybe they can trade up for RG III.


5 months and 4,000 pages later, i am all caught up with the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George RR Martin. Now the long 5 year wait for a the 6th one. Then a 7th and he avows to be done. Fantastic stuff. Worthy of comparison to Lord of the Rings, which is really saying something. I guess i need to buy a new book manana.

i don't think i'm bringing my mac on the European Tour. i'll let u know for sure when i decide. Can i really not blog for a week? Will i cease to exist? Disappear into a puff of flatulent smoke? At a minimum, this blog has been as helpful as my best therapist ever, Jane, from back in VA.

VA seems like 5,000 years ago. Maybe it was. I don't think i could properly stand upright back then. Mum was always yelling "Stop slouching!" And i was like, "We all f&%king slouch! Just look at our spines!"

And then Mum would say, "And if everyone else is jumping into a Tyrannsorous  Rex's mouth, would you do it too?!!!"

Some things never change.

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