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Thru the Eyes of the Brazil



Xmas Update

Okay! Cara is going to come over and have dinner with the Boys and i on the 24th. Then, on the 25th, all we Xmas Orphans as we call ourselves will go out somewhere. That'll be fun. I've known a lot of these people a very long time, through thick and thin. Susana, Kelly's girlfriend (Spanish) is planning it. I'll ivite some of the other Orphans. 

Tottenham 1  Chesea 1, 80th minute. There will be a ton of English games over the holidays.  The Spurs are 3rd and Chelsea is 4th. Big game. On Boxing Day, every team plays. The English broadcasters are funny. "How did he miss that...., oh my word!" My word? Seriously? Crazy English.

Frantic finish. Both teams trying to get three points in the standings. But it's a draw. 1 point a piece.


Did i mention that i think that Marcondes' Brazilian friend, Gabi, who has stayed with us for about two weeks and leaves manana,  may be a prostitute? I don't think i have. Damn! Okay... I've pieced it together over the last week.

But i have to cook dinner first. The kitchen is empty now. Marcondes is with two friends in the salon and Gabi is in Marcondes' bed room with her "amigo," as she puts it everytime she dresses up. She said it and made the universal quotes sign with her fingers when she first said "amigo" to me on Saturday. So tonight i was coming out of the bathroom, i had heard the buzzer, and she ushered me into the room and said hurry hurry, my amigo is coming! She was laughing.

My life is a madhouse. I like living in this flat but it still doesn't mean this place isn't bonkers. And you just have to laugh. It's extremely amusing.

So be it.

My bedroom is next to where they are. So is the kitchen. I don't hear anything (praise Jah!) and i can always hear Marcondes when he Skypes with Brazil. But he's quite loud. Anyhoo, i'm wearing my earphones just in case, because life is a contact sport.

Time to cook tacos! it's 23:18.

 Then i'll come back and tell you why i think G is a prostitute.

She's a very nice lady, first off. And i don't care what she does. I'm sure there are some people that think being a teacher and drummer is the ass end of things. It doesn't matter what other random people think, unless they are law enforcement.


A New Kind of

Well, when i went in to cook, she was stepping out of the bathroom after showering, wrapped in a towel. She came into the kitchen, shut the door and said "Ugh, so ugly. But he paid me."

Aw, way to take all the guesswork out of it. Ha!

Then she poured herself a glass of whiskey over ice and said "I need to drink."

So i ate and was cleaning up and saw that the guy had left. I asked her if she was hungry (she's cooked for us a lot the past few weeks.) She said sure. So i made her a taco and we had a few beers. Her story was incredible. She does it for her four year old that lives with her very poor parents in Brazil. She makes good money. She's so discreet. She dresses so normal unless she is with a client. Then she goes all out, and she has great hooters and hips. The first time i saw her in this tight white slinky dress, i was like Madre de Dios where the hell have you been keeping that stuff for the past week? I didn't even know you had those! She's 48. And she's a really sweet and loving person. She's helped Marcondes during bad times. She's like a mother to him. So in return i guess her lets her turn tricks out of the house when she comes to Madrid. She sends the money home for her daughter, who lives with her parents in Brazil. They are very poor and very religious. She said she wants to write a book someday. I told her i would buy it. Even the hardcover.

So do i now live in a whoor house? Casa de putas? And G and i are friends now. Bygones. And besides, what's a working girl to do?

So I try to say
Goodbye my friend
I'd like to leave you with something warm

But never have I been a blue calm sea
I have always 
been a storm
-Fleetwood Mac


Lost Horizons

I've always liked to live in different places in order to expand my horizons. Be careful what you ask for!  Man, i sure have seen a lot in the past 5 years. My whole life really.

And my life is very special because of all of you. I enjoy being able to share my experiences and vice-versa. So if you're not going to have a Puta de Navidad  visit your house this year (your parents are coming and Dad's an ex-cop, the kids are still young, you're trying to save $ with the recession, etc,) you can have one in your home by living vicariously through me. Aren't you lucky!

 Merry Xmas to all of ye and lots of love! 

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