domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2011

Down to the Wire


Take the time to close your                                                            eyes and look around,
'Cause anyone who helped you out
can let you down.
And look out, look out, look out,
the voice is now the choir.
Can you feel it getting
down to the wire?
-Neil Young

Soundtrack of the Weekend;
Live from Earth - Pat Benatar
Live in Boston, 2004 - Fleetwood Mac
Come On Die Young- Mogwai
London (live 2011) - Gazpacho
Test for Echo - Rush
A Farewell to Kings - Rush
Live in Montevideo, 2011 - Stick Men

My 9:00 class manana was cancelled. This means that if i fall asleep around 1:00, and wake up at 2:30, i can watch some of the Giants/Cowboys. This is a MUST win for NY. If they lose they are done.

Early this season, i predicted playoffs for Buffalo and Houston. Houston will get in despite they are losing QB's like they were clay pigeons. Buffalo, with a suspect defense and especially the season ending injury of Fred Jackson (he was on the Madrid Mayhem, my fantasy team!), will not.

And now, the great prognosticator, shall predict the playoff teams with 4 games left to play in the season.

HOU AFC Championship Game: HOU / NE
Stupor Bowl : GB (perfect season) over HOU in SnoreFest
NO NFC Championship Game: GB / NO

Picking Houston is dodgey at best, but they are very good defensively and run you to death. So i'm thinking teams try to stuff the run and give Yates a lot of room to work with, or whoever is their only healthy QB by then. David Garrard anyone? Brett Favre? Joe Theismann refitted with Terminator legs?

I had lunch with Cara today. It's been two months at least. She has a new boyfriend (Santiago) and he is very nice and she is in love (hence very little free time.) Good for her!

And i'll continue to see Rosa and the Welsh Witch and we'll see what happens. I am in no rush. The only rush i'm in the mood for is A FAREWELL TO KINGS.

So all is well. It finally got cold here, mostly because the last two days have been 45F and damp. There's been a lot of fog. No rain, just fog. Weird. And it will be foggy for the next two days.

Sleep soon. Then wake for the game. See how long i last. If the game is a stinker i may be back asleep in 30 minutes.

I spoke to the Welsh Witch today. I texted her and told her that Friday was fun and hat we had to do it again soon. She said she would love to. So that's cool. It was a nice weekend.

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