lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011


You can go your own way
-Fleetwood Mac

Wow. The great lyrics about break ups and being bitter about love never end for this band. I have been trolling thru the archives and sometimes forget what a crazily good guitarist Lindsey Buckingham is. I have a show from 2004 in Boston (ripped from the DVD) that's just great.

And Maria and Carolyn have helped to get me thru this wee post Dodgey Brooklyner stretch. That's a good thing. And i'm really fine now - just warped by how delusional she was. At least i more or less evolve. Sometimes i make a quantum leap. Other times i just poop into my soup bowl. It depends on the day.

I've been alone
All the years
So many ways to count the tears
I never change
I never will
I'm so afraid the way I feel

Days when the rain and the sun are gone
Black as night
Agony's torn at my heart too long
So afraid
Slip and I fall and I die

-Fleetwood Mac


Soon it will be Thanksgiving! My best to all of ye. Back in the day, the Fambly used to have some great TDays in McLean. Then near the end, they got a bit intense between Sue and i. SO Mel and Mike and i would just slip out to the Garden of Zen and Toll Road out back and chill for a bit. I remember that feeling as our marriage was breaking up; it's like the headlights of a car coming at you in the distance. It's not there yet, but it will. You've both tried like hell to stop it but eventually the beat up, old, pick up truck is going to arrive with the Reaver of Change in the driver's seat.


And we are still close. And Annie, well...., she always brightens my day.

Beautiful child
Beautiful child
You are a beautiful child
And I am a fool once more

You are a beautiful child...
I wish that you were mine
I wish that you were mine

I'm not a child any more
I'm tall enough
To reach for the stars
I'm old enough
To love you from afar

too trusting yes...,
but then woman usually are

i wish that you were mine

-Fleetwood Mac

i think i'm ready to move on from this whole Julie thing. Almost...., almost.....


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