sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2011


Thanks Kathy, Jimbo and Tim who sent me messages and Sarah who took me out tonite. Thanks to all of you everywhere. A person with good friends is wealthy in the best of ways. I love you all!
 I am feeling better. Bit by bit. Poco a poco.

Last week i was listening to Sarah tell me of her horrible break up story. This time i was telling her mine.

And at times like this i think of Sue and Maria and Carolyn. And i am happy i am still close friends with all of them. It's a special thing. Things can't be so bad if you are still friends with your -exes (how do you f*^king make that word plural?!)

Things will get normal. It was just a bugger of a week.

I feel closer to you all despite the miles.

Thanks for being there, as you all always are.

And now, cuz we all need a laugh;

this is fantastic; THE FAMILY THAT CROSS DRESSES TOGETHER, STAYS TOGETHER. It's my favorite film of 2011.
Directed by Sue, starring Annie and Fripp


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