domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011


Drownin', in the sea of love
Where everyone would love to drown.
But now it's gone, it doesn't matter what for.
So when you build your house, then call me home.
-Fleetwood mac

Just got back from seeing Julie down in Puertollano. We went for a walk in the a pine forest with her 11 year old son Eduardo and then out to dinner for Pierna de Cordero (leg of lamb.) We also had pate of quail. I met her older son, Roberto (16) as well. Nice kids. Eduardo plays drums and Roberto plays piano (very well.) I played a bit too. It had been a long time since playing keyboards. 

Julie and i had great fun. Laughing a lot, listening to music. It's beautiful down there. It had been over a year since i had left Madrid. I think i will be doing it a bit more often. 

i finally kissed a woman who is over 40! This is a big accomplishment. Sue had always told me women hit their sexual peak at 40 and then we split up when she was 39! Shennanigans! I call a foul! Technical and otherwise. 

She is agnostic now but was raised Jewish, so that's another first for me. I'm breaking 43 year old records left and right here! 

Go Jaybo..., go Jaybo..., go Jaybo...!

The train ride was 1:15 and very comfy. Went thru lots of farm land. Brown farm land. We are dry as a bone.

So i'm going to answer the questions i know Mum is going to email me manana;

1) -No, we haven't talked about whether any children we might have would be raised Jewish or Buddhist.
2) -No, i haven't met / kicked the shit out of her ex-husband
3) I don't know if she can cook. But she was raised Jewish, so i guess "yes."
4) No, i don't know if she would be willing to move to the USA after we get married
5) No, still don't no what her bra size is

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