lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

Table for One


Thanks to EVERYONE who sent condolences about Frippy. I received about 30 messages on BookFace after i posted Sunday morning that he had died. It means the world to me. He was a well-known, much loved cat.

Work manana at 10:00. 7.5 hours manana. But today was relaxing. I love Sundays in Madrid. 

So, the setlist for Fripp Fest is taking shape. It might be a 3 day festival. Today i've listened to Selling England (Genesis) and Tarkus (ELP.) i am feeling much better today.  I'll miss him, but we had a lot of good times. He was a kitten when the Mets made the playoffs in 1999. He spent the Arizona and Atlanta series' on my lap. That never really changed for the next 12 years when i was watching the Mets, Caps or Seahawks. He was an epic cat. And add Red (King Crimson) to the list as well. 

Wow,many good games today. Bills - Jets, Ten / TB. 

Hasselbeck just threw a TD pass. He's a great QB. 


So now i am watching the Seahawks, Frippy would like that. The Fore Skins are running all over the Seahawks. Yikes. 

I spoke with Sue and Annie today on Skype. It was great to see them and chat. Annie seemed to be taking it pretty well. As well as any of us are. She's an incredible little kid. 

The Fore Skins just scored. Ugh. 

Jesus save me!
-Jethro Tull

American commercials are idiotic. I am horrified. They're no better here in Spain, but WOW! I stand blown away. They are prettier, but no less moronic. 

Lynch is in Beast mode.

T Jack sucks. He has no arm.

And then Williams drops a nice pass.

But Obamanu down it at the 5 yard line. Yeah!

i am getting sleepy.

Nighty night you rabbit.



Joder! The Seahawks lost! Oh how they suck!

I went out for sushi tonight to my favorite place. Frippy loved fish. It was his repast dinner. Manana is the wake, the end of the three day festival (All Fripp's Day,) henceforth to be celebrated on June 15th (birthday.) It was nice. I had some sake - i love it with good sushi, and this place is good. And manana is Bender Tuesday, and the boy was Fripp Robert Bender Greco. It seems quite appropriate. 

I am exhausted. i think i teach 30 hours this week. Damn. 

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