domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2011

The River of Constant Change

 Fripp in the closet (Mum's, 2009)

I feel like i lost my best friend. Wait... that's exactly what happened. Pets are like family and Frippy was family.

Thank you to everybody for the outpouring of condolences on BookFace and otherwise. Fripp loved attention above all else.

Today is Frippy Appreciation Day. I'm playing all his favorites; Genesis , ELP, Pink Floyd, Rush, Rainbow (with Dio) and of course, King Crimson.

Mully and Fripp - (Annual Brothers Vacation in CT, 2010)

He had a good life. He was well loved. He was well travelled. All those trips to CT and back. We must have travelled at least 7,000 miles together. Maybe more. A roundtrip from DC to CT is 700 miles.

Well, good memories. He was one of a kind. Sue said he would walk out of the room when Annie played Lady GaGa. That's my boy!

Thanksgiving was fun. Lotsa food! Lotsa fun.

Okay - time to cook something and then watch football. I predict the Seahawks will crush the Redskins today. Can the Tebow show continue? Can Matt Leinart get the job done for the Texans? Can the Giants save their own bacon?

Now as the river dissolves in sea, 
So Neptune has claimed another soul. 
And so with gods and men 
The sheep remain inside their pen, 
Until the Shepherd leads his flock away. 

The sands of time were eroded by 
The river of constant change.

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