domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2011

What a difference a Week Makes

A week ago i was in Puertollano with Julie, having fun, filled with hopeful possibilities, laughing with her and her son, utterly shocked that she was going to spend Xmas Eve with me.

One week later i have done everything in my power to make sure i never have to speak to her again.
-Closed my account on the website we met on
-Blocked her from my phone
-Checked the floor board under my bed where i keep unmarked bills, a machete, and a Uruguayan passport in the name of Jose Sanchez. And marijuana, pepper stray and Botox (the later is very valuable on the black market, the first a personal preference and the middle one just handy for the random perverts.) Everything was there.

I feel okay now. When i think about it i just feel numb. Disbelieving. How can people be so selfish, deceptive and fucked up?

No. I'm not going to call my father's surviving members to find out. I don't even know which ones are still alive, but i can say unequivocally the world is a better place without them. Mel and i were very lucky that Mum was the one who kept us. Very.

The people who have reached out to me, on BOTH sides of the Atlantic- how did i ever get so lucky as to have all of you as friends and family? We've shared joys and heartaches together but we are always there for each other. If there's such a thing as God, then truly this is it.

I made my classic Madrid Clam Stew for lunch. It's a fave.

It's only 18:33 and i'm tired. I could freaking sleep. Maybe i will.

Did you like the Annie/Frippy video? I love how when Frippy doesn't respond to her questions she just says "THANK YOU" like she's Homer Simpson. And the flapping tongue before she tells Sue "You're welcome!' Wow. Hysterical. I watched that three times on Wed. night along with Finding Nemo. And that curly hair with the rope thing tied around her head! Annie - Warrior Princess!

Tim Tebow scores a TD on the ground. He's on my fantasy football team; the Madrid Mayhem. i am 5-4 and fighting to make the playoffs. Last year i won the Championship.

Dallas 14 Buffalo 0 - Yikes! Fred Jackson is on my team too. I hate Dallas. Romo is a tool. Jerry Jones is a madman.

DAL 21 BUF 0. Ouchy ouchy.

A lot of blow outs so far. PITT 14 CIN 10 is close. Dalton is a good QB. I wish the Seahawks had drafted him. Having Jackson and Whitehurst as your QBs is like choosing between McDonald's and Burger King. With Baltimore's D, i wonder if the Seahawks will amass even 150 yards of Offense. It could happen. I didn't see the Seahawks last week because i was with the Dodgey Brooklyner.

i think have the Van Brunt eating disease (see: T. C. Boyle, World's End.) I had the Ameljas and the stew. Then some mozzarella and balsamic vinegar. Now i might have some provolone. Ahhh..... Sunday. I love it.

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