lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

How many more times?

Okay, so for the 3rd time in the Kingdom of Spain (Kingdom! Give me a break - get over yourself!) i am performing the age old ritual of listening to a new new Rush release. It's a live release, TIME MACHINE, from Cleveland in of this year. I've been waiting for new Rush albums since 1982 (SIGNALS.) In NJ, CT, Jamaica, VA and now Madrid. I get around. In so many ways.

I am exhausted down to my toes. And allergies are killing my ears. Throat. Brain maybe.

But manana is Bender Tuesday and i think my students Menchu, Teresa and Menchu are coming because Weds. is a holiday (The Virgen Almudena, whoever she was - this country has way too many Virgens to be normal. Doesn't anybody ever get laid in this country???)

don't ask me, i'm just compromising
but my butt has a second sight

i am completely dominating my Fantasy Hockey League. It's way early, though. Football, not so much, but i'm coming off a Championship Title last year.

I'm only halfway thru the first disc and i need to sleep. I am old.

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