miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2011

Walking Away

O' brave new world that has such people in it


Well, Julie sent me a message, saying that she likes me a lot too but there is something important she has to tell me. Then she said she had to put Eduardo to bed. And just left that hanging there.

Then she said that her boys are going to have a step brother or sister soon. Her ex-husband's girlfriend is pregnant. And that was the end of the message. She just left me hanging.

So, i replied let's talk about it, whatever it is.


Psychos. Why do i always attract psychos? She wrote another email and said that last year when she was living in Brooklyn she looked up an old boyfriend and they hooked up. She now tells me she's not ready to 'let that go.' We obviously need to talk about what that means, but i think it probably means i'm going to run like hell. And she first contacted me!!! 15 minutes ago i was devastated, now i'm pissed off.

Crazy women + Jay = Abort

Must find normal woman. Must find normal woman. But you know? Better to find out now than get involved with a Giant Squid and become entangled in its suckers.

Okay. Well, she and i will talk it over and if that's then that's it.

Wow, i think progressed through all five steps of the Kubler-Ross model (stages of grief) in 25 minutes; Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. Did listening to the Julie Slick Album (which is killer) somehow progress the stages? No. It can't be. I'm not that evolved.

Now if only i didn't have to work at 9:00. It never ends, the work. Always going. Always moving.

left foot, right foot. left foot, right foot. And so on and so forth.

ooh. i feel terrible again. Wash, rinse, repeat. Wash, rinse, repeat.


After replaying scenes over in my head; yeah - she's bat shit nuts i guess. Anxiety. High strung. She's a complete wreck after her divorce. She's in pieces. I thought i could save her. i ALWAYS think i can save them. But i can't.

If i could only
if i could only
save myself
save myself
- Wayward Platypus

Fuck this. i'm going to watch Finding Nemo. i'll just skip over the first chapter like Milhouse's Mom (Simpsons) does for him.

The hardest part about walking away, is no matter how slow you, walk they'll never chase after you. - unknown
, searchquotes.com

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