jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2011


I wake up alone
With it all
I wake up
But only to fall

-Fleetwood Mac

Lotsa classes. Had a few drinks with Sarah. Early night cuz i have to work at 9:00 up in San Lorenzo. Sarah will be down in Cadiz this week end so she gave me her abono (season ticket pass) for the Atleti game on Sunday. They play Levante, a good side. 

All is status quo. I am feeling much better about the whole Dodgey Brooklyner. I still feel like i've undergone atmospheric changes, but i'm fine. I've written a whole arc of lyrics about the whole thing, which i'll share with you all once i've cleaned them up a bit. But overall, i think they are decent. The only person who has read them is Sarah and she told me tonight that she really liked them. 

Writing, my timeless companion. I've been writing since i can remember. This blog has really helped me become a better writer. So once again, thanks everyone! I probably express myself easiest thru the written word. 

Next week is Thanksgiving! Madre de dios, it all comes up so quickly. Soon it will be Xmas. And then the European Tour with the family! That will be kick ass. 

Okay, 00:31 and time to sleep. Sleep well people. 

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