jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Moosh Part II

A bottle of red
a bottle of white
perhaps both if you're a hemaphrodite
i'll meet you anytime you want
in our transgender restaurant
-Billy Joel / traditional (San Francisco)

i am listening to Godless Black Magic, the Wayward Platypus album, which i haven't listened to in ages. Julie asked to hear some of the stuff i've played on, and since the lyrics all had something to do with the divorce in one way or another, i thought i should include it. i like it. i like the last album  (Brunch with the River Man) better, but this was when we really started to jell jamming live. I had never heard the songs before we walked in to record. SO i just went almost completely on instinct with my initial response. I think phoenix was the only one we took two or three takes of. That song's a weird one which is why. Most everything else was one take. I think playing live adds an edge to things. It was a huge growth album for us. It's kind of the last thing (that i know of) that Mark played lead guitar on. He then got really into bass. He's my favorite bassist to play with, bar none.

Edges are good - just don't go over. That's bad. Lots of broken bones and squished organs. Not good. Moosh.

PSA: You should bring your bat to the dentist at least every six months


My last class was finished at 20:00. It is now 20:55 and i am listening to Genesis play the Duke suite live from 1980. It's very good. Atleti plays Udinese of Italia at 21:05 in The Europa League. Then bed i think. 5 1/2 hours manana. I am toast by friday. i suppose we all are. And i picked up another 2 hours of classes, Monday 9-11, from this new academy i work for. Esperanza is feeding me classes as if i was a little Asian dude at a hot dog eating contest. Fine by me. When you only get 9 solid months of work you take as much as you can handle.

It's 21:12. Do you know where your bat is?

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