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Dancer Six

Okay. This is the arc of lyrics i wrote to hopefully use for whatever this new band may be. But i really just wrote them to deal with everything i was feeling at the time. Some were written when things were good, some of them were written when things were bad. Dancer 6666 was her profile name on that website (she was born in '66. She should have just used 666.) Please give me your feedback; good, indifferent, or negative.

Dancer Six

1. Dancer Six
2. The day the Prozac died
3. Eat Something
4. Dancer Six part ii
5. Bat Shit Crazy
6. Tomorrow Ever Comes
7. Scorched Eath Policy (instru)
8. Dancer Six part iii


you like to drink coffee
before you open your eyes
you like to tell stories
peppered with lies

I 've never met you
but i knew you were there
i couldn't forget you
or the smell of your hair

some thing's aren't possible
but some things they are
some things are not probable
but you still get in the car

when the car stops you get out
and you do what you do
the whole thing's inside out
but something pulls you through

like the wall in the bar
that gives way to a bed.
and when you bet from afar
you can't use your head

Out of the way
by the side of the road
there's nothing to say
....And that's why you drove


the day the Prozac died
the day the Prozac died

i was sitting with a book
one look was all it took

i was hoping for a reprieve
because love is all we need

the day the Prozac died
the day the Prozac died

I thought i saw you there
with these petals in your hair

i just spent the day...
there was nothing i could say

the day the Prozac died
the day the Prozac died

the witches stirred the pot
and the gates of hell were hot

the father's all were ghosts
and we all turned into goats

the day the Prozac died
the day the Prozac died

the day the Prozac died
the day the Prozac died

that's what she said
Eat something
or else you'll be dead
Eat something
it's not a lot
Eat something
this world's all we got
eat something
chicken or beef
eat something
fish or chopped meat
eat something
maybe a salad
eat something
it can't be that bad
eat something
i'll bake you a cake
eat something
wash it down with a shake
eat something
i know where you've been
eat something
open your mouth and put in

DANCER SIX part ii

I met her by the tortuga pond
in Atocha Station
she took my breath away
and caught my fascination

so many miles from home
to meet a Brooklyn Girl
North Jersey was my home
...Back in another world

I felt like I had known her
for so much longer than a day
and that's when I decided
that maybe this time I would stay


i can't remember the time
i can remember the place
But in time gone behind
I remember your face

Ever Comes

Ever comes

i remember that feeling
lost and at sea
And the sun sends you reeling
til you're finally free

Warm and at home
in the comfort of bed
Soley alone
with the thoughts in your head

Ever Comes

Ever comes

I lost the map
and the compass is gone
it was all just dumb crap
turn the page and move on

i got my own say
i'll get there on my own
i'll pay my own way
and i'm not alone

tomorrow ever comes
tomorrow ever comes


what were you thinking?
just tell me how
we were laughing and singing
how did we get to now?

it all happened so fast
and i was a fool
and you were deceptive,
sexy and cool

and i lost my way
and i lost my heart
don't think i d be gay
but it could be a start

and i wish i could save you
but i know that i can't
so i'll just forget you
... after i rant

i hope you'll be happy
when you forget about all this
and we've both moved on
but you're totally bat shit....

Bat Shit Crazy


Bat Shit Crazy

Your Crazy

DANCER SIX part iii

it's more than once
but not enough
build a fence
or blow it up

Dancer Six
sometimes she's not there
sometimes in the sticks
sometimes she's every where

the puzzle fell apart
you picked up the pieces
the apple's kind of tart
but you did what you needed

Dancer Six
sometimes she's so square
it comes down brick by brick
with all that dust in the air...

I sat there like a turnip
unsure what to do
it's like i talk ancient sanskrit
...and there's only you

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