jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

And on and on...


Dear Sir, can you remember me,
I'm the one that picked the apple tree,
Dear Sir, can you remember me
I'm the one that picked the apple tree

Steve Jobs has died. He was a legend. I don't have too much brand loyalty these days, but Apple is one i am loyal too. Their products just work, are intuitive and have a fun design.

The Yanks need to win tonite to get to the ALCS against those pesky Texans.

Time to sleep. Get teach at 9:00 manana. Then 13:30. Then maybe from 16:00 to 20:00 (filling in for a TOEIC course teacher) - I know that test cold. That what my student Teresa took and passed. I used TOEIC questions at the University and everything. It's good test. If you pass it you can speak English. Hot today. 87. Brutal. It's f@^king October! Bastante! Enough!

Nova has given up back to back jacks. 2-0. Yikes. And two K's. That's nuts. That's a rough start. Detroit can't beat the Yankees, can they?

No, they can't. The Yanks were in a way better division. Boston was very good for most of the season except the beginning and the end.

And i did predict that they wouldn't make the playoffs. I should have called Dukakis! He would have taken that bet!

Okay. Long day. Listen to game and finally asleep. Maybe wake up and see a big play if one of the broadcasters squeals like a school girl when someone hits a home run (Darling, i'm talking to you!)

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