lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011

Canciones para una Lunes

'( Songs for a Monday)

The book of love is long and boring
No one can lift the damn thing
It's full of charts and facts and figures
And instructions for dancing
But I---
I love it when you read to me
And you---
You can read me anything
-The Magnetic Fields

The other day i saw a guy on Gran Via with a sign that said; El Final Esta Cerca! (the end is near.) And i thought, "Thank fucking god. Stick a fork in me, cuz i'm done."

The conversation in my mind then degenerated quickly. "Fork me! Did you say fork me?!!!! Fork you A hole????!!!!' 

I need someone to save me from myself. Other than me. Maybe i'll put an ad on Craig's List. Those always work out well.

Julie and i text each other pretty much every day. Perchance i've finally found a woman that will love me for my brain and not just as a pot of molten sex.


Does Mel still read this thing? If so, she's going to file a legal injunction against this union (someone loving me for my brain terrifies her,) like she did against me reproducing for 'reasons imperative to the survival of the species' in 1994, 1995, twice in 1996, and each year consecutively until 2000, when she became a believer in the 2012 Doomsday prophecy of the Mayans and thought, "what the hell's the point?" Which conveniently brings us back to square #1 and the end of the world.

 Dude! This thing practically writes itself!


The Beginning and the End. Fall is finally here. Good-bye 80F days. Not a problem - we had enough of them this year. And 90F days too. The school year is in full throttle which means i no longer have to hunt squirrels in Retiro park for dinner. It wasn't the hunting i minded. I enjoyed that. It was the eating of the squirrels. Rabbit (Conejo) is way better. Seriously. I get it whenever i see it on the menu.

My late class tonight got moved to 10:00 Wed morning. D'oh! SO now it's time for lots of end of the month paperwork.

I wish i had children. I could teach them to do all my paperwork.


Okay. Class content reports done.

I am listening to Pink Floyd at Pompeii. It's one of the most unique albums i've ever heard. It blew me away when Kev, Smith, O'Neill, the Ridler and i watched it 2x on a rainy Sunday. One of those days that changed the way i looked at  music forever. Nick Mason was an enormous influence on me as a drummer. His strange fluid way of playing drums sounds great, with all the tasty fills, even if he's not the most technically brilliant. Under-rated as far as i'm concerned. At the spur of the moment, on my last trip home in '10, Jim, Mark and i recorded the last Platypus album. I played a very different fluid style, a good bit similar to Mason's drumming on this live album. I liked it. I felt in complete control, yet it was our most experimental album to date. That's a good feel - to feel comfortable enough to record live in the studio. But we've played together a long time.

So here's the question for manana; Name as many as you can of the top 12 rock/pop/country albums, in terms of sales, world-wide.

to be continued......

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