sábado, 29 de octubre de 2011

Moving Day (not me)

I fucking hate the St. Louis Cardinals. But they deserve it. I fell asleep during Game 6 in the 9th sure the Rangers had the Series. But alack, my prediction that the Cards would win it cuz they were the hottest team the last two months was right. Damn me!

But it was a crazy and very enjoyable series.

I helped Laura and Tim Move today. The movers didn't know i was coming to help and when Sorin and his friend saw me it was like a reunion. Unfortunately, i have gotten to know those guys well. And Sorin's daughter, who was born early this year with some health problems, is doing much better now.

I got there at 11:oo. I went to bed at Midnight but i was still just shattered after a long week. I was supposed to get there at 10:00. The mind was willing but the flesh was being a pussy.

So we moved them. They had furniture so it was a bitch. Then the 5 of us had beer and pizza, which makes everything better :)

Now i am going to take a siesta before the Halloween party. I am tired in my toes. Lots of bending up and down and lugging heavy stuff.

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